I’m going to take Metis’ advice, this is why.

Crista Anne Orenda, Rori Orenda and X. Valentine Orenda

Us outside Ducky’s Dirty Bingo at Catalyst Con East
Photo Credit: Tyler Keegan Grigsby and CatalystCon
(tylergrigsby.com and catalystcon.com)

That happened. I found my soulmate. We had a son.

For the record, I loathe that term. It sounds like part of the bullshit fantasy fairytale that little girls especially are fed from birth on that there is some perfect person out there for them and they should “wait” for them. I disavow that whole notion.

However, X. Valentine Orenda is my soulmate. The core of his being, his soul, fits perfectly along side mine.

We had to break the world a number of times to build our own. It was an ugly, brutal, painful process that at many points did not look like it was going to work out. The process had to happen here, in our small world, without any real public display.

In ending my previous marriage, I also had to walk through the intense and very real fear that this site and who I am would mean I lost my daughter to my ex. He and I are on good terms. I have faith that he would not and will not use the fact that I am an open person who exists in sexual spaces against me. That fear won’t go away completely until she is much older though. So, even when things started coming together, I stayed quiet out of that fear.

We’ve made it though our cataclysm, we’ve rebuilt our family and have begun living our life together. I’m not living a life defined by fear anymore.

We’ve made my decade long dream of Dildology a reality.

We’re back.

I’m back.


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