I do not accept advertising at this time, nor do I plan to in the future. Instead I have decided to affiliate myself and my site with a small collection of woman-friendly, sex-positive, queer positive retailers.

When you click the links below or the banners on my sidebars to purchase whatever your heart desires you are not only supporting my blogging habit/continuing education, you are supporting the sex-positive community. These shops, sites, and manufacturers all offer high quality products you can trust, support positive sex education, and are, to steal from Metis Black, Changing the World One Orgasm At A Time.

So go ahead and indulge yourself.

Note: Please clear your cache before clicking to verify that commissions are properly attributed to moi. <3 <3 <3

Sites I Review For:

When I was a wee Sex Geek working in Sex Shops one of my dreams was to eventually work for/with these two stores. Now as an affiliate and reviewer I consider that dream mostly realized. My deepest thanks to both for sending me quality toys in exchange for honest reviews. Good Vibrations and Babeland rock my socks.


Good Vibrations

Sex-Positive Retailers:

Early To Bed

Early to Bed is the top banner on my page for a reason, I adore them. Woman owned and operated they are a beautiful shop out of Chicago that deserves a ton and a half of love and your hard earned dollars. Beyond carrying a carefully vetted selection of products you can trust they host a number of fantastic workshops, private toy parties, and do community sex positive outreach. If I could create the Shop Of My Dreams, it would look and act like Early To Bed.


Fascinations has the best Affiliate Program around and their Education Coordinator is the awe inspiring Shanna Katz. Wonderful selection, awesome sex-ed info and a really well designed site – take a peek, you will not be disappointed.

Save 10% with coupon code SAVE10 - only on myticklespot.com!


Tickle is one of the new kids on the block, but their site and the toys they offer are breathtakingly beautiful. Save 10% at checkout with the code: SAVE10

Straight from the Toy Makers:

Tantus, Oh, Tantus

Tantus Inc is hands down my favorite toy maker in the world. I have a display of Tantus dildos proudly on my desk because their form, function and quality are the best there is. 100% medical grade silicone my darlings, the sex toy material of the Gods. Also, their website offers close out deals that are out of this world.

For Inspiration:

Once upon a time, nearly ten years ago, I was a Naked Girl On The Net. I had an amazing experience working with a number of sites while exploring my sexuality and creativity. Most of the places I worked for are long gone, but my favorite has only gotten better as the years pass.

NoFauxxx.Com was created in 2002 as a space to explore sex beyond straight, gay, lesbian, and gender binaries. This site led to the creation of the “Queer Porn” genre, with it’s  all-inclusive casting and production standards. By all means an obscure, self-funded under-dog, No Fauxxx remains the longest-running porn site of it’s kind. No Fauxxx’s genre and gender -less navigation structure encourages the audience to think outside thier own boxes and find something new and exciting to get off to.



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