What’s a Sex Geek?

I get asked this a lot. Some people “geek out” over comic books, films, D&D, sports, fashion, politics, TV shows, what have you. I geek out over sex, sex toys, lube, fetishes, kinks, gender identity, queerness, porn, the endless fascinating ways that we humans express our sexualities. The fascination started when I began working in a sex shop and my geekery was mostly centered around sex toys. Toys are still my biggest area of expertise but I’ve branched out since I was a wee Sex Geek.

This is a Sex Geek

Overall I use Sex Geek in place of “Sex Educator“. I get iffy on using that title (even though I do occasionally) because I do not have a degree in the field. My knowledge has mostly come the old fashioned way, via experience. That being said, I don’t know everything. Nobody does. I’ve been around this block a few times though and I’m confident in my knowledge base.

An important thing to know is this site and the shops affiliated are unabashedly Sex-Positive.

Sex-positive, a term that’s coming into cultural awareness, isn’t a dippy love-child celebration of orgone – it’s a simple yet radical affirmation that we each grow our own passions on a different medium, that instead of having two or three or even half a dozen sexual orientations, we should be thinking in terms of millions. “Sex-positive” respects each of our unique sexual profiles, even as we acknowledge that some of us have been damaged by a culture that tries to eradicate sexual difference and possibility.[5]

It’s the cultural philosophy that understands sexuality as a potentially positive force in one’s life, and it can, of course, be contrasted with sex-negativity, which sees sex as problematic, disruptive, dangerous. Sex-positivity allows for and in fact celebrates sexual diversity, differing desires and relationships structures, and individual choices based on consent.[6]

-Dr Carol Queen


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  1. Kris says:

    I really love the above quote and the overall message that is being sent here. I look forward to watching for more writing and interesting things.

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