I’m a very positive person, I work in an erotic store. For me, sexual pleasure is within everyone’s reach and sex toys are an excellent choice.

We are sexual superheroes and dildo waving revolutionaries.

Amusement from readers, friends and customers:

How to make (1) Crista: Combine vast knowledge of toys and lubes with a friendly and outgoing demeanor, mix with a ready smile and a kink-positive outlook, and season with a dash of snark and rapier wit. Let set until the result is just right – you will know because you will have the overwhelming desire to hit that like the fist of an angry god. Enjoy. -Josh

Crista strikes fear in the hearts of those who would spread slander and lies about sex. Misconceptions and false information are the brittle Tokyo to her Godzilla of enlightenment. -Jason

Crista is a Toy Goddess with a suitcase full of pleasure and a head full of knowledge. She’ll make you laugh, cry, and scream (in pleasure) in equal measures. She’s funny, informative, and awesome . . . -Andi


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