Escort Etiquette



When you’re out of town getting together with a female escort to pass the time is a great experience. When you book time with an escort make sure to treat her with consideration. Just because she is providing her time for your adult enjoyment doesn’t mean that the escort is low class or should be treated poorly. Most escorts will be able to tell if this is the clients first time. To make sure things go smoothly and without incident, clients should follow basic unspoken rules.

Make sure to do your research, as a client before hiring an escort. You’ll want a date for certain needs and a particular time. You want your escort to be qualified and punctual. Forums that assess escort agencies is a good place to start. Almost all escort agencies and services have a website.

Assume that all escorts will want you to provide some information about yourself prior to your appointment. This may come in the form of a contact form on their site. Generally the information requested is your name, telephone number and perhaps your occupation. Bear in mind, merely having hesitation to give this information may get you banned from ordering an escort. It is best to adhere to the process they’ve outlined. It is hard to omit screening. All escorts must have some of your personal information.

A few escorts may request less info, some may require much more detailed info. They want to be sure of their safety and that is the reason for the personal information. Upon meeting, the first thing the escort usually does is handle the money part of the visit. Most women are going to prefer cash. Some may accept credit, checks are usually not an acceptable form of payment. Don’t switch it up though. If you said cash, pay in cash. It’s best to keep the cash in a blank envelope rather than to hand the girl cash.

If you have guests be sure that they are gone before your escort arrives unless it is prearranged with your escort to do otherwise. If there are people there that the escort was unaware of then she may decide to cancel with no refund. If the escort see a bunch of cars outside when you’re supposed to be the only one there, she may fear for her safety and leave without ever having met you at all.

Finally make sure you are on your best behavior when she is there and that you are courteous and clean. Treat the experience like you would a date. She will probably feel more relaxed and willing to open up if you’re treating her well. As an example, make an attempt to figure out what your escort likes. Flowers or a particular type of wine may go over well. Making your escort feel comfortable with her surroundings and in your presence will assure that your experience with the escorrt will be a good one.

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