Review – Love Bunnies: I Wish I Could Orgasm From Adorable Alone

Meet my Love Bunnies, who I have named Vibunz. (Don’t judge)

While I do often name my toys, Vibunz has a name because Love Bunnies are the world’s first personalized Facebook Toy. (So their website tells me.) Now the app never wanted to connect to my FB account so I cannot comment on whether this is an adorable bit of marketing or really, really creepy. It also came with adoption paperwork, something that I am also torn between finding adorkable and creepy.

love bunnies review

I love and adore Vibunz. I have taken endless pictures of Vibunz and myself – for this is the most adorable toy I have ever seen. Vibunz spends most of the day vibrating in circles across my desk. Made out of silicone with the firm yet velvety texture I absolutely adore I seriously pet this bunny all day long. It goes with me everywhere and even came along with me to Momentum! My love for this toy knows no bounds.

That is until I try to use it as a vibrator.

Love Bunnies are powered by an ABS plastic, one speed bullet. While it emits a delightfully quiet humm, the power is not anywhere near enough for me. Vibration spreads nicely through the vibrator and up to the ears, but it is a high pitched vibration that at best only tickles. I tried getting off with my clit nuzzled between the ears, tried manually arousing myself and then going to town on the head of my clit with the firm front of the vibe and then tried the flat base but no climax could be found. One time I completely ran out the batteries trying in vain to get enough stimulation to reach orgasm. Failure. Vibunz simply leaves my clit frustrated and needing more.

If I could orgasm from adorableness alone my Pure Wand would have stiff competition.

Regretfully, I do not.

The lack of orgasmic power does not diminish my adoration strangely, for I cannot be frustrated with a velvety textured bunny vibrator for more than a second. I’m not saying don’t give Love Bunnies a shot either, priced at twenty-ish bucks it will be the cutest twenty you’ll ever spend. Just don’t expect orgasms.

Unless you can orgasm from adorable alone. In which case, teach me.

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