Review – Tantus Little Secret – Kiss

Metis (all powerful dildo goddess of Tantus) had a countdown to the release of Something Big at the start of the year, which I watched with increasing excitement. When news of the Little Secret line dropped she had whipped me up into a frenzy. In short order I was spamming my friends with links to the new fine hotness. Not surprising, I am a huge fan of Tantus as many of their wares hold a special place in my heart. My first dildo was the Goddess, my first toy induced G-Spot orgasm came from the Charmer, and for a very long time if you entered my home you were forced to squeeze the O2 Revolution while listening to me ramble on about the wonders of medical grade silicone.

tantus review

Before we get to the review itself, a primer on why 100% silicone is one of the ideal materials for sexual accessories. 100% silicone toys, if cared for, should last a lifetime. They are non-porous, solid, with no microscopic openings to harbor bateria. Beyond the usual toy cleaning methods these toys can be disinfected with heavy cleaning agents (10% bleach/90% water solution), top rack of your dishwasher (please, no detergent), or in ten minutes of a gentle boil. When disinfected with these heavier methods between uses you can share your toy with other partners. If your toy has a vibrating component that cannot be removed stick with the bleach solution or basic cleaning methods (soap and water, toy cleaner or isopropyl alcohol) to ensure the buzz continues as long as possible.

Note: There is a difference between a “silicone” and 100% silicone which I touch on in this post from the Love U days, “Silicone” Vs 100% Silicone. CAGE MATCH

Now on to the good stuff!

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