Some questions about masturbation

When did you learn about self-pleasure?

i learned about self pleasure at a very young age. i began masturbating at around 7 or 8 years old, not that i knew what i was doing at the time. I had separation anxiety as a child, and had nightmares almost regularly. It helped me get to sleep so I did it often. around age 10 i realized it wasnt really making me feel like i had to pee but was actually making me feel good. and so i did it for the sole purpose of pleasure for the first time around that age and so began my life of fapping to sexy people and fantasies, ah bliss! to this day it still helps me fall asleep, too. i masturbate on the regular and lately have become more adventurous with it

questions about masturbation


Did your parents talk to you about masturbation?

They never have, and probably never will since im 22 now haha. I’m okay with that, though. I feel very educated and could school them on the topics.

What is your comfort level with talking about it now?

I’m still getting used to being more open about my own life, which includes my sex life. im a very private person. Even at 17 I felt uncomfortable admitting i did it because it seemed like it was something only men should do and very shameful, but nowadays i care a lot less and if the topic comes up with certain people i will share if they ask. It’s a natural, enjoyable thing to do and i am very sex positive currently so i support it!

Do you use sex toys?

I don’t. Not because I have anything against them, but because i dont own any and cant afford to buy one. I think they’re pretty great to be honest and if anyone wants to use them, go for it. they can help you explore yours and/or your partners body and learn what you like.

How is your sexual relationship with yourself?

i would consider it to be quite grand. i know what im comfortable with and what i like and what gets me off. i am struggling to be comfortable with others but re: my own self pleasure, its fine.

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